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Spirit Airlines to Charge $100 for Each Carry-On Bag

Starting on Nov. 6, Spirit Airlines will begin charging passengers $100 for each carry-on bag unless they pay a smaller fee before getting to the airport gate.

Ironically, Spirit Airlines brags about its low fares, but makes big bucks with fees, which are 40 percent of their income, reports MSN Money.

Passengers who are members of Spirit's $9 Fare Club get the best deal and will be charged $25 per carry-on bag.

Passengers who pay the carry-on fee online will be charged $35, $40 over the phone, $50 at the airport ticket counter, or $100 at the gate.

Spirit Airlines said on Monday that its carry-on fees pass the cost of handling bags to passengers, however the airline didn't explain why baggage handling fees should be cheaper online than at the gate.


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