Spilled Hot Apple Cider From Slow Cooker Burns 35% Of Baby's Body (Video)


A one-year-old boy from Charlotte, North Carolina, is suffering from second-and-third-degree burns after a slow cooker filled with boiling apple cider fell over on him.

About 35% of Remy Linkous’ body was burned in the incident, according to doctors.

Remy suffered the burns on Dec. 21 while at the home of Patricia Linkous’ mother, reports FOX 8. He reportedly pulled the slow cooker off of the counter-top, causing it to fall and spill its contents onto him.

He spent Christmas in the hospital.

Doctors said his recovery will be lengthy, including a month-and-a-half in the hospital.

Remy’s father John Linkous, a Marine serving in combat, said he has seen a lot of “horrible things” during his service "but nothing will ever prepare you for seeing your kid in this situation. The first two days were absolutely horrifying."

Remy has had surgery, and will now undergo skin grafts, reports FOX 6.

Remy’s parents said seeing their son hooked-up to tubes and wires is heartbreaking, but he is showing signs of good spirits.

“Today he actually sat up and played with a few toys, gave me a high five and even smiled,” John said.

John finds not being able to hold his son difficult but he has found other ways to connect with him.

“I’ve been singing to him,” John said. “I have a lullaby I sing to him when I rock him to sleep so I’ve been humming that to him and singing it as much as I can.

“I want to hug him and I want to kiss him,” John said.

A GoFundMe account has been set-up to assist the Linkous family with Remy’s medical bills. As of today, a total of $33,840 has been raised.

Sources: FOX 6, FOX 8 / Photo Source: FOX 8


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