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Spike in Dogs Eating Marijuana in Colorado Since Legalization (Video)

Since the legalization of marijuana in Colorado, an animal hospital in Denver claims that it has been seeing more cases of dogs who have eaten edible pot.

“What we are seeing is dogs getting into the baked products,” Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald, of the VCA Alameda East Veterinary Hospital, told CBS Denver (video below).

The concentration of marijuana in baked goods for humans can cause serious problems for dogs who weigh far less.

“The butter gets a higher concentration of THC, the active ingredient,” added Dr. Fitzgerald. “The one thing we see with almost all of them is urinary incontinence when they eat a bunch of it. Half-life for a dog is 72 hours, maybe 96, before it gets out of their system.”

Dr. Fitzgerald is part of a study in Colorado that has tracked marijuana and dogs.

Pet owners are advised to keep marijuana away from their dog and contact a veterinarian immediately if the dog eats pot-themed goods.

However, use of marijuana by a veterinarian for a dog that has cancer could be beneficial, noted

But that’s not a green light to give your dog pot brownies.

"If you give a dog a stick of butter or a bowl of cooking oil, marijuana or not, it's going to get sick," Colorado State University veterinarian and associate professor Timothy Hackett told

“If you called me up and said your dog ate a whole tray of regular brownies, I’d be concerned enough to tell you to bring him in and induce vomiting,” added Hackett. “It’s nothing against marijuana. The way people buy medical marijuana is what’s really toxic because those items are already pretty toxic to a dog.”

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