Scary Spice Urinates On Bear Grylls (Photos)


Spice Girl Mel B, 41, is living up to her name as Scary Spice. The America’s Got Talent judge allegedly saved Bear Grylls’ life by urinating on him when he was stung by a jellyfish.

The two stars were in Wales, U.K., for an episode of Running Wild With Bear Grylls when Grylls sustained a wound due to dropping a jellyfish while trying to show Mel B how it can be boiled, according to the Daily Mail.

The Spice Girl quickly asked the survivalist, “Do you need me to pee on you?”

Grylls reluctantly took the offer since he had just peed on the rocks 10 minutes before.

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He joked about it being “so innapropirate,” as Mel B pulled down her pants while Grylls looked away and said, “Take my hand and guide it.”

The AGT judge seemed to suffer from “stage fright” as she cried out, “I can’t do it -- it’s not coming!”

Later, she proclaimed, “To pee on demand, when someone’s in pain, is very difficult.”

Luckily, Mel B was successful as she smiled at Grylls saying, “There you go. Don’t say I don’t do anything for you.”

Adding, “Don't tell your wife” before agreeing to “keep that one between the two of us.”

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Grylls was relieved and proud, admitting:

“I must say, that is a first. All in the name of survival. I have no words for it, I have no words for the day.”

The two later ate the aggressive jellyfish. However, Mel B said it tasted like “biting into skin.”

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Mel B was hesitant to do the show at first, but her daughter convinced her it would be a good idea.

Mel B told E! News: 

It was all my daughter Phoenix's idea that I do the show. She convinced me it would be good for me to challenge myself inside and out. 

Phoenix knows I don't even like going on roller coasters, I'm not an adrenaline rush kind of girl and most things I do I'm totally in control. So to do this show was a big leap of faith in my daughter, and of course in Bear! 

Giving your trust, control and life to someone else is daunting but it was truly a life changing experience. I did things I never thought were possible.

Sources: Daily Mail, E! News / Photo credit: NBC via Daily Mail

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