Prank Call Leads To Circle K Employees Vandalizing Their Own Store


A Circle K store in Globe, Arizona was vandalized so badly that it was forced to close, but the damage was not done by a robber or intruder – it was done by the store’s own employees.

According to reports, two store employees received a phone call from someone claiming to be a Circle K corporate security official. According to the caller, a silent fire alarm had gone off in the store and the employees needed to follow specific instructions in order for the situation to be rectified.

“The first thing they asked him to do was discharge a fire extinguisher inside the fire, which apparently did not raise any alarms when they did that. Even though there were customers inside the store,” a Globe Police Department officer said. Then, the supposed security worker told the two employees to throw the extinguishers through the window. It was the next set of instructions, however, that finally made the employees realize what was really going on.

“They finally ordered them to break the computer which is kind of when the light bulb went off that this is a prank call... unfortunately it didn't go off any sooner, and the store employees caused a significant amount of damage to the store,” the officer said.

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Following the prank, there was so much damage that the store had to board up the windows. Despite the destruction, they are still reportedly open for business.

“I couldn't believe the damage that I'd seen today, it was ridiculous,” customer Lorraine Phillips said. “I think whoever did it should be ashamed of what they had done, and whoever made that call should pay for what they did.”

Authorities are now attempting to trace the call and locate the prankster as part of their investigation. It is not known whether the two employees who vandalized the store will keep their jobs.

Sources: Fox 10 Phoenix, KTAR / Photo Credit: fox10phoenix.com


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