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Special Education Principal Caught Bullying Students (Video)

Principal Kimberly Taylor of Hilltop School in Haverstraw, New York, is accused of verbally abusing and bullying students with learning disabilities and behavioral issues.

ABC 7 obtained audio recordings of Taylor swearing at students and threatening them. Hilltop School teaches special needs children in kindergarten through eighth grade.

"It's important you're on your best behavior," she can be heard saying. "If someone falls in dance, don't laugh because I will rip your (expletive) out of there. It's important not to embarrass yourself. Your family take pride in yourself. I will embarrass you, you all know me, if you don't give a (expletive), neither do I.”

Kenneth Egan was a teacher's aide at Hilltop School, but after he complained about Taylor’s behavior to the superintendent, he was fired. "I've seen her grab kids, push kids, throw kids," Egan said.

Egan recorded Taylor after his complaints were ignored. "The kids are going home and thinking, you know what, she got to the top doing all of this," he said. "Got to the top being a bully and talking to adults and teachers like this, and bullying the kids like this, so you know what, that's how I'm going to act. Maybe I'll get to the top acting like that."

Taylor reportedly lost her temper after two students fought during a graduation rehearsal. 

"And this is what will happen tomorrow?" she screamed. "Who started this (expletive)?”

She then dragged one of the two students up to the front of the auditorium, in front of several other students. "This is a retard," she said. "How embarrassing, a disgusting embarrassment, get him the hell out of my sight.”

When confronted with the recording, the superintendent of Hilltop School responded in a statement: "The situation occurred more than three years ago. It involved a personnel matter that was addressed at that time. We maintain an outstanding academic program.”

Taylor is still the academic leader of the school, and Egan believes he was fired for whistleblowing. Though he’s suing to get his job back, he feels he did the right thing. "I do not (regret anything)," he said. "I do not. The only (thing) I regret is not stopping it the second it happened.”

Source: ABC 7 / Image via ABC 7


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