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Special education

Unless you have a disabled child, there is really no way to fully understand the need for special education.  Our 39 year old mentally disabled son went to public school until age 21.  If it had not been for public school, he would not have learned to use sign language or interact with other children and people.  Unfortunately, my husband and I both had to work, so we could not afford to stay home with our son, nor are we trained to teach our son. We were fortunate to have such wonderful programs and teachers for our son.  It may not seem like much of an education to some folks, but every human being has an innate need to be able to communicate. Learning to sign was very important for our son's emotional well-being and even though he functions at the level of a 2 year old, he can sign simple things, like when he has to go to the bathroom, when he is hungry or when he does not feel well.  This is a big help now that my husband and I are older.  The teachers and instructional assistants who choose to work in special education are blessings to families with disabled children.

I think we should worry more about ending U.S. involvement in pointless wars and the amount of money spent to participate.


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