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Spat Over Last Rib At A Barbecue Ends With A Fork In A Woman's Eye

An Indiana woman was arrested after a dispute over the “the last rib” at a family barbecue resulted in her allegedly stabbing another woman in the eye with a fork.

Sabrina A. Davis, 45, was a guest at another family’s barbecue in Muncie, Indiana, on May 23 and may have gotten too comfortable, The StarPress reported.

According to police, the homeowner’s daughter became upset with Davis when she took “the last rib from the kitchen.” She accused Davis of “taking all the food.”

The daughter told Officer Amy Kesler that when she confronted Davis, the woman responded by stabbing her in the left eye with a fork she had been using “to take meat from a pan.”

The victim suffered “at least two small lacerations on her left eyelid,” Kesler wrote in an arrest affidavit, adding that the victim’s eye was “swollen and bloodshot.”

A witness told authorities the victim “was frustrated that Davis was taking so much food from the house.” The witness added that the victim “grabbed a knife from the counter and was trying to get to Davis,” after being stabbed in the eye.

Davis maintained her innocence, claiming she was only acting in self defense. She said the woman was already brandishing the knife when she stabbed her in the eye with the fork.

Davis was booked into Delaware County Jail where she is being held on $5,000 bail.

Sources: The StarPress, WLWT

Photo Credit: Provided photo via The StarPress


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