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Spanish Police Officer Conned Women Into Having Sex With Him As Part of Spy Recruitment Process

A Spanish police officer was arrested for allegedly pretending to be a spy chief and manipulating women to have sex with him to prove they could be trusted in the line of duty.

The officer told single and divorced women he would recruit them as spies, and had them perform sex acts on him as part of tests they needed to pass for the job, according to the National Post.

Police have identified the officer only as 56-year-old Francisco H P.

The officer allegedly claimed to work for an international secret service and said he would give his "recruits" $2,500 monthly if they joined the service. He allegedly told women to keep their interactions top secret so as not to breach national security.

He is accused of manipulating the women by showing them fake spy equipment — including fake guns and training videos — he bought to build his case.

The women were also asked to deliver him cash and jewelry in secret as part of their training, but they did not get their possessions back after the handovers.

Police said they have found 11 victims of the officer’s scam, which he ran for about a year.

The officer faces charges of fraud and attempted sexual abuse.

Sources: The National Post


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