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Spanish Clothing Brand Mango Sells “Slave Style” Jewelry

Mango, a Spanish clothing brand, has issued an apology after it was discovered the company was selling “slave style” jewelry on its website. The website was in French and Mango is blaming the issue on a translation error. This mix-up comes on the heels of sneaker company Adidas putting the brakes on a plan to sell “shackle” sneakers over the summer.

Mango said the problem arose because the word “esclava” - which means “bracelet” or “bangle” in Spanish - was translated on the French site into “esclave” - which means “slave” in French. This resulted in several bracelets and a necklace being sold under the name “slave style,” reports France 24. On Mango’s English website the pieces of jewelry are listed as “woven bracelets.”

A statement from French racism watchdog SOS Racism read: “This is either a display of ignorance, or a perverse gesture reducing what has been recognized as a crime against humanity in France since 2001 to a style or fashion.”

Cran, another French racism watchdog group, released a statement, expressing its “indignation at these items of jewelry, which aim to give an elegant colonialist vision of a phenomenon that caused the misery of tens of millions of humans for almost four centuries.” published a petition launched by former Miss France Sonia Rolande, actress Aissa Maiga, and activist Rokhaya Diallo. All three French women are black.

The petition is titled “Slavery Is Not Fashion.” It reads: “These chain bracelets are supposed to make slavery an object of fantasy and fashion.”

Like so many companies and people are doing these days, Mango issued an apology via its Twitter account. “Mango, in no case, wanted to offend anyone and has made the appropriate changes on all platforms,” said the brand’s statement.

Source: (France 24)


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