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Space Station Video Feed Watchers Claim They See UFOs (Video)

A small dot seen on the International Space Station (ISS) live video feed has UFO enthusiasts around the world in a frenzy.

YouTube user Scott Waring posted video on August 4th claiming to show a UFO caught on the ISS camera. Keep in mind that Waring runs a blog titled UFO Sightings Daily, so it’s probably wise to take much of what he says with a grain of salt. 

Waring’s video shows a small dot in the distance that appears to be moving closer to the ISS. Roughly a minute after the dot appears on camera, the ISS feed cuts to a blue screen – a coincidence (?!) that of course pours more fuel onto the UFO fire.

Here’s the video:

Another video Waring links to called “The Visitor” claims that a bright object in the sky seen on a NASA HD camera is also a UFO – specifically a “glowing five point UFO,” to use Waring’s terminology. The video was posted by YouTube user Streetcap1.

Here is it:

Streetcap1 posted another video yesterday showing four bright dots on the ISS feed slowly fading away. Naturally, Streefoot1 interprets these to be UFO’s too. Is that the case? Doubtful. Sightings of UFOs most always turn out to either be a hoax or something more reasonable, like space debris, satellites, planets, meteors, balloons or optical illusions. Could they be UFOs? Sure, why not. Just like that could be the Virgin Mary on your toast. 

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