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'Sovereign Man' Won't Pay Traffic Fines, Loses License, Walks with Rifle (Video)

Jim Sanders has been carrying a rifle and walking with a cane in Mulberry, Ind., as a protest over losing his license since last Thursday.

Sanders spoke to the Journal & Courier earlier this week while walking nearly 13 miles from Mulberry to Lafayette, Ind., to get some prescription pain medication at his doctor's office, which he needs in order to keep walking.

"I don't know if I can even make it there," Sanders gasped. "I'm doing this as a protest to draw attention to the unjustice that's happening."

Sanders lost his driver's license in April after refusing to pay $943.50 in court fines for failing to signal, having multiple licenses and other violations that date back to November 2013.

"I’m a man of principle," Sanders told News 11 (video below). "If I didn’t do it, I’m not going to admit to it. That’s it.”

“I do not consider myself a sovereign citizen, I call myself a sovereign man,” added Sanders, who says he only follows “lawful laws" such as the U.S. Constitution, but not local statutes.

Sanders truly believes that his protest will work and license will be given back to him.

“I expect them to do that because they are wrong, not me," Sanders said. "They are the ones who are wrong, not me. So, I’m not going to pay their extortionist fine."

In response to Sanders' protest, the Bureau of Motor Vehicles now have security guards inside the Lafayette and West Lafayette offices.

Local police say the 45-year-old grandfather can keep carrying the rifle if he doesn't threaten anyone, however, the cops are getting calls from motorists who see Sanders with his gun.

Sources: Journal & Courier and News 11


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