‘Sovereign Citizen’ Accused of Shooting BLM Ranger, Cop (Video)


Brent Cole, a self-proclaimed "sovereign citizen," is accused of shooting two law enforcement officers in Northern California last Saturday.

According to the Associated Press, Cole was camping in the woods near Nevada City, California, when he allegedly got involved in a shootout with a Bureau of Land Management (BLM) ranger and a California Highway Patrol (CHP) officer (video below).

Apparently, the BLM ranger was patrolling near Cole's campsite, but called for back-up before approaching the 60-year-old.

Cole, the BLM ranger and the CHP officer exchanged gunfire. The law enforcement officers were treated for minor wounds, but Cole is still in intensive care at the Sutter Roseville Medical Center in Roseville, California.

The Union reports that Cole was arrested by Nevada County sheriff’s deputies on Jan. 26 and charged with carrying a concealed weapon.

The Southern Poverty Law Center notes that Cole has described himself on various Internet sites as a “sovereign American Citizen attempting to thwart the obvious conspiracy and subterfuges of powers inimical to the United States.”

Cole reportedly posted articles about the so-called “Bilderburger conspiracy” and “Federal Reserve” conspiracy on his Facebook and Twitter pages.

Cole has also spelled his name in lowercase letters, which is part of the sovereign citizen movement, and described himself as “a natural born, flesh and blood, living man,” notes the Southern Poverty Center.

Sources: Associated Press, The Union, Southern Poverty Law Center


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