Southwest Flight Diverted After Woman Gives Birth On Plane


A Southwest Airlines flight was diverted after a woman gave birth during the flight on Tuesday morning.

The flight was originally bound from San Francisco to Phoenix on a beautiful day.

“Everything was going great,” Capt. John Grody said. “About 50 minutes prior to touchdown, we got a call from the flight attendants in the back.”

The woman gave birth with the help of a nurse and doctor onboard. According to Southwest officials, the baby was born around 6:30 a.m. on Flight 623. Following the birth, the flight was diverted to Los Angeles International Airport.

“It was amazing,” one flight attendant said. “All the passengers were awesome. Everybody was clapping.”

The plane was met by a Los Angeles Fire Department emergency response team after landing, an LAX spokesperson reported. The mother and child were then transported to a local hospital where they are both in good health.

Following an almost 3 hour delay, the flight was able to continue aboard a new aircraft.

Sources: CNN, USA Today / Photo Credit: CNN


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