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Southern Girls Cat Fight In Walmart Parking Lot, Bully Suffers Shocking Wardrobe Malfunction

Southern Girls Cat Fight In Walmart Parking Lot, Bully Suffers Shocking Wardrobe Malfunction Promo Image

An intense brawl between two women in a Walmart parking lot ended in a wardrobe malfunction.

In the clip, two Southern women can be seen in a parking lot yelling at each other. One woman, wearing a yellow tank top, is standing barefoot while the other sits in a truck.

“Get the f**k out the truck and get your a** whooped like a motherf**king woman,” the woman in the yellow shirt yells.

“I admit it, Alexis would whoop my f**king a**,” the woman in the car says of the woman in the yellow shirt -- identifying her by name.

The woman assumed to be Alexis then proceeds to open the door of the truck and force the other woman out before hitting her several times in the face. The two women begin to brawl and Alexis’ shirt slips off of her. She pulls the other woman’s hair, and the woman breaks down in tears before apologizing profusely. Alexis then walks away with her breasts, under a bra, exposed.

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The clip quickly went viral after being posted to LiveLeak, with many viewers expressing shock over how Alexis handled the situation.

“Well if you want to bully somebody around you better make sure you know how to handle yourself because you don't know what you're going to run into and there's nothing like giving some idiot a good old fashion a** whooping,” one Mad World News reader commented on the site’s Facebook page in response to the clip.

“How does the girl in black shorts sleep at night? I couldn't just beat someone like that! But believe me! She's going to get her's one day. Karma's a b***h. Hope that goes viral! So sad,” another wrote.

“I see the white trash comments etc for the girl provoking and instigating the fight... but the blonde is sitting in the truck obviously not wanting to fight ... but come on... someone is standing there telling you they are gonna whip your a** and if not now - will hunt you down and do it later.... yea. I am gonna get out. If I tried not to fight her and she pursued me.... I would defend myself. So I don't see the comments about southern ladies etc being quite fair to both as one actually DID try to avoid the conflict. Personally.... if I had gotten out, a wardrobe malfunction would have been the least of the bullies worries.. believe me,” another added.

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The location of the brawl, or what caused it, was not initially reported.

Sources: LiveLeakMad World News/Facebook / Featured Image: Walmart/Flickr / Embedded Images: Screenshot via YouTube

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