South Miami Cop Doesn't Want Motorist To Film Him (Video)


An unidentified police officer with the South Miami Police Department recently told a motorist that he did not want to be filmed.

YouTube user Manuel Prades, the motorist, had been pulled over for an alleged moving violation (video below).

Prades wrote on his YouTube page, "Trying to gain evidence on my location for accountability and this unprofessional cop decides to not let me record. Claiming it's for his safety. Talk about violation of my constitutional rights."

The officer approached Prades, tried to put his hand over Prades' cell phone and said, "Hey, don't take a picture of us brother."

According to, the cop told Prades that he was allowed to film, but then added, "But you can’t go taking pictures of us, man, that’s an officer safety, with everything going on with us, I would rather you don’t.”

The first officer refused to give his name, and a second officer, who wrote Prades three citations, refused to give the first officer's name.

There is no Florida law requiring police officers to give their names.

Sources: YouTube,
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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