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South Korean Woman Earns Over $9,000 A Month Eating Online

Comment sections all across the internet are spammed by people talking about how easy it is to make quick money online.

Most of you are probably all too familiar with message saying things like “I’m making over 7k a month working part time. I kept hearing other people talk about how much money they could make and…” you know where this is going.

Since the internet is so full of these obnoxious posts, you’d probably be skeptical of a woman telling you she makes over $9,000 a month just by eating in front of her computer. Don’t be.

Meet South Korean woman Park Seo-yeon, better known to her fans as The Diva. Several times a week, Seo-yeon sits in front of her computer and eats. Fans from across South Korea log on and talk with her as she enjoys food. They then send her money in exchange for her company. The phenomenon has been dubbed “gastronomic voyeurism” and is gaining popularity in South Korea’s increasingly isolated society.

Over 30% of South Korea’s households feature lone occupants. As a result, people are turning to the internet more than ever when that primal desire to socialize kicks in.

“People enjoy the vicarious pleasure when they can't eat this much or find that food at night or are on a diet,” Seo-yeon said. “Loneliness is another crucial factor. The show is addictive as you can communicate with thousands of people at home… It is comforting for people who eat alone.”

The Diva’s show has proved so profitable that Seo-yeon was able to quit her full time job. But, she insists, the show isn’t all about the money.

“It feels great when people said 'I recovered from anorexia thanks to you' or 'Thank you for a fun and delicious time'," she said. "I am the woman who lives a life to eat.”

Source: Emirates, Reuters


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