Couple Steps Off Bus, Into Mysterious 10-Foot Sink Hole (Video)

A man and woman got the scare of their lives when they stepped off of a bus in Seoul, South Korea, and fell straight into a 10-foot sinkhole that appeared out of nowhere on the sidewalk. 

The frightening incident was caught on video and shows the moment the couple was swallowed by the sinkhole, as well as other passengers' terrified reactions, reports USA Today

Thankfully, others were able to stop short before falling into the hole.

An emergency crew, including firemen, reportedly rushed to help the couple and used cranes to lift them to safety. They escaped the sinkhole suffering only minor injuries, reports ITV News.

The sinkhole was reportedly located adjacent to a construction site where two 39-story apartment buildings are being erected. Police are still investigating how the sinkhole was created.

In 2013, a huge sinkhole suddenly opened up beneath the bedroom of a 36-year-old Florida man named Jeffrey Bush, who was killed in the collapse, Opposing Views reported. Since that tragedy, more attention has been given to sinkholes, which NOVA reports are the result of limestone and other water-soluble rocks underpinning the soil. 

Sources: USA TodayITV NewsOpposing ViewsNOVA/Photo Credit: YouTube.com


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