South Korea Unveils Larger, Pink Parking Spaces For Women Only

The South Korean capital city of Seoul introduced “lady-friendly” parking spaces that are wider, longer, pink and have miniskirt logos on them.

The women-only parking spots have better lighting and CCTVs.

Some sidewalks have even been repaved with a softer, high-heel friendly material as to be more forgiving on a woman’s feet and 7,000 new ladies toilets have been installed.

The projects are part of a $700 million initiative to make Seoul more lady-friendly over the next four years.

"It is like adding a female touch to a universal design and make things more comfortable for women," Assistant Mayor for Women and Family Affairs Cho Eun-hee told the Korea Times.

Cho said the project aims to make the city not only safer for women but also for children, the elderly and the disabled.

“As more women engage themselves in social life, their desire to improve the quality of life and demand for public support is increasing,'' said Cho, the highest-ranking female official in the local government.

“Even small considerations can change the city to be more women-friendly,'' she said. “Urban design was focused on males since they were the sole breadwinners. For example, the hand straps on buses were previously adjusted to a male's average height but we changed the height of the straps so more women can hold on to them easily.''

A future project also includes making a massive facility devoted to women’s health services.

When asked why there are not more male-friendly initiatives Cho said, “The ultimate idea of ‘Women Friendly Seoul’ is that when a woman is happy, everyone is happy. It is not like women taking men's share of the pie.”

Sources: New York Daily News, Korea Times


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