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South Korea Burying Pigs Alive

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We recently told you about South Korean officials who buried more than 1 million pigs alive in an ill-conceived effort to control foot-and-mouth disease. PETA has recently obtained video footage of the killings, which shows workers as they toss live pigs on top of one another in a mass grave. Pigs are pushed out of trucks and into trenches, covered with dirt, and left to suffocate. Air pockets form in the soil, allowing some pigs to breathe, meaning that some may languish for days, injured and surrounded by dead pigs, before they die.

(Please visit the site to view this media) 

PETA has contacted several offices but has so far received no response. We need your help to keep more animals from being buried alive. Please visit our action alert page in order to e-mail the South Korean embassy in the U.S. and ask officials there to pressure the South Korean government to stop these cruel live burials immediately and institute more humane ways of dealing with foot-and-mouth disease.

And to help pigs right here at home whose fates often aren't much better, order a vegetarian/vegan starter kit today.

Written by Michelle Sherrow


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