South Korea Approves Construction For World's First Invisible Skyscraper

And now for today’s cool futuristic technology story.

According to a press release, construction on the world’s first invisible skyscraper is set to start soon. Yes, you read that right. Invisible skyscraper.

The tower, set to be 1,476 feet tall, is named Tower Infinity and will be built in the South Korean city of Incheon.

California-based architect team GDS is behind the tower’s design.

The outside of the tower will be made of glass. To appear invisible, hundreds of LED screens and cameras will be placed at different spots on the building. The cameras will record whatever is behind the tower at a given angle and project this image on to the screens, making it appear as though the building isn’t there.

The optical illusion will only be displayed on the screens for a few hours a day.

If you were planning to fly to Korea and are thinking “Hey, a really tall invisible building. Seems like a great thing for a plane to hit,” don’t worry – even in stealth mode, the building will be required to display red aircraft warning lights.

Also cool about the building: it will have a water park, movie theater, and restaurants inside. The viewing deck will be the third highest in the world. 

Sources: Newser, Wall Street Journal


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