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South Has Strong Showing in Top Friendliest U.S. Cities Survey

The friendliness of the people in a U.S. cities can differ widely across the country, but the South holds some of the most welcoming locations around, according to a recent Huffington Post reader survey.

The Huffington Post recently compiled a list of the most and least friendly cities in the U.S. Tne newspaper asked its readers to rank cities in the U.S. based on multiple factors, such as culture, atmosphere, lodging, dining and friendliness.

Each city’s friendliness was based on a five point scale, and the majority of survey participants had visited each location on leisure travel rather than for business reasons.

Topping the list was Charleston, South Carolina, which travellers consistently said had friendly locals and a pleasant atmosphere.

“The charm of this city brings me back every year,” said one of the readers surveyed about Charleston.

Southern locations held a majority of top spots with six cities making it into the pool of 10 highest ranked places in the U.S. Savannah, Georgia, and two Mississippi cities — Jackson and Natchez — also made the top 10 cut.

Of the 10 cities deemed least friendly, four were in California, including major cities such as Los Angeles, Oakland and the state’s capital, Sacramento. Detroit and Albany, New York were also voted unfriendly destinations.

Sources: Huffington Post


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