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South Dakota FBI Agent Plans to Open Combined Shooting Range and Saloon

One FBI agent and businessman in South Dakota is raising a lot of eyebrows this morning after announcing his intention to open a combined indoor shooting range and saloon as part of a multi-business complex called “The Deadwood Guns.”

The complex, explains mastermind Greg Vecchi, would be home to several different businesses, including a gun shop, a pawn shop, the indoor shooting range, and the saloon, which will be called, “Bullets and Beer Saloon.”

"It's all the things I like: alcohol, tobacco and firearms," said Vecchi. “I want this to be a place where mom, dad and the kids can have fun. A place where the whole family can enjoy the shooting sports.”

Deadwood, South Dakota Mayor Chuck Turbiville is expressing concern over many issues this idea will face.

"I mean, 'Bullets and Beer,'" said Mayor Turbiville. "The association between the two... how will you control people who may or may not be drinking?”

"To be honest, if it was me, I probably would have come up with a different name," continued the mayor.

Vecchi, however, is sure that there will be tight regulations with these businesses and promises that safety will be of the upmost importance.

"Sequence is important," said Vecchi. "Bullets first, beer second.”

Vecchi adds that if someone has been drinking prior to shooting at the range, the will follow a strict policy. "No one shoots or handles a real gun unless they can blow a 0.00 on a Breathalyzer.”

Vecchi is an army veteran and plans to retire from the FBI next month. He will work part time at the Deadwood Police Department as well as pursue his business ventures.

"I'm not going to put any of my licenses on the line," Vecchi said. "I'm not going to risk my reputation or my licenses. We have to run a tight ship here."


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