Woman Bites Tow Truck Driver After SUV Is Repossessed (Video)


A South Carolina woman allegedly bit a tow truck driver when she realized her Cadillac Escalade was being repossessed on Sunday.

Spartanburg police are still searching for the woman, Lakeisha Smith, who climbed inside the SUV and attempted to drive it away after it was hooked up to tow truck.

The truck driver, who works for Mission Towing and Recovery, filmed Smith on his cell phone.

“I hope you got good insurance,” the driver says in the video. “You tore my truck up.”

“I told you it was going to be like this,” a man said off-camera.

“We knew she was going crazy cause she was already in the vehicle, she was spinning tires, blowing smoke. It was insane,” witness Kristina Ray told WYFF-TV.

“Next thing you know the car jumps of the lift cause she's trying to get it off there. That was her goal," Ray recounted.

Suddenly glass can be heard shattering as Smith allegedly kicked out windows in the SUV.

Ray said at first she thought the loud bangs were gunshots.

 “It was terrifying,” she said.

According to a police report, the tow truck operator had a bitemark on his arm allegedly from Smith.

Police were still looking for Smith late Monday. She is wanted for assault and battery.

Sources: WYFF-TVNew York Daily News


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