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South Carolina Woman In ICU After Getting Arm Torn Off By Dog


A woman in North Charleston, South Carolina, ended up in the ICU after her husband’s pit bull reportedly attacked her and bit her arm off.

Katherine Rizk, 48, is in intensive care at the Medical University Hospital after her arm was amputated from the elbow down following the vicious dog attack.

Tiger, the dog owned by Katherine’s husband, Mahmoud, was euthanized on July 27 by the Charleston Animal Society after being voluntarily surrendered by his owner. Tiger was part of the family for three years and had never been aggressive before this incident, Mahmoud told The Post and Courier.

Tiger had reportedly been on a golf course the day before and was cut, leading Mahmoud to believe she pressed on the wound while petting him. 

“It’s been awful,” he said. “She’s devastated, very upset and she’s in shock. I was shocked. Afterward, my priority was just to get him out of the house.”

According ABC News 4, Mahmoud was not home at the time of the attack.

“I feel terrible for her and I feel terrible for the dog owner," neighbor Jill Carpenter said. “I hope that it wasn't, you know, he wasn't trying to ... I don't know. Was he trying to protect her? I don't know the situation."

The incident reportedly occurred around 10 p.m. on July 27, with neighbors witnessing it unfold outside the couple’s home. 

“That was like a terror movie,” neighbor Hugo Montoya said. “The dog was pulling her body like it was a toy.”

Tiger, according to Montoya, dragged Katherine around three houses while blood poured from her arm. “It was so terrifying,” he added. “I couldn’t believe her own dog would do those things to her. I need to remove that scene from my brain.”

Sources: The Post and Courier, ABC News 4 / Photo credit: Flickr/Creative Commons


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