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South Carolina Woman Destroys Cheating Husband's Car With Gun, Hammer

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A woman in South Carolina reportedly destroyed her husband’s car with a gun and hammer after she found out that he cheated on her.

Authorities said that after 61-year-old Delores Cureton entered her husband’s car, she pulled a gun out of the glove compartment and attempted to load it. Her husband John, who had spotted his wife getting into the car and approached her, backed away when she pulled out the gun.

Cureton was unable to fire the gun, and proceeded to hit the car with the gun. After breaking the windshield, she pulled a hammer from the car and continued to destroy it. When police arrived, they found the car with broken taillights and windows, and it was covered in blood from an injury to Cureton’s right hand.

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Cureton was hit with a domestic violence charge because of her husband’s fear of being shot, though Cureton’s husband ultimately decided not to press charges for the damage to his car.

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Sources: New York Daily News, KHOU / Photo Credit: York Police Department


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