South Carolina Sheriff: Time For Citizens To Arm Themselves

Spartanburg County, South Carolina Sheriff Chuck Wright held a news conference on Monday in which he urged citizens to buy and carry guns: "Our form of justice is not making it. I'm really aggravated. Carry a concealed weapon. That'll fix it."

Sheriff Wright's news conference addressed an incident in which a woman was attacked in a park over the weekend. Investigators said 46-year-old Walter Lance grabbed a woman who was walking her dog in Milliken Park in Spartanburg on Sunday afternoon. They said Lance choked the woman, made her take off her clothing and tried to rape her. Lance is in custody and was denied bond on Monday.

Wright said Lance had been charged numerous times with crimes again women, and other crimes such as resisting arrest and escape. Wright said Lance had been on probation for a federal gun charge.

He referred to Lance repeatedly as an "animal," and expressed his disgust about Lance's long record and the attack: "It's too bad someone with a concealed weapons permit didn't walk by. That would fix it."

Wright added, "This is a horrific crime … her life was threatened so many times." Wright then said "liberals" don't think you can just keep people in jail, but that Lance "should not have the right or opportunity to violate a good, upstanding woman."

He said several times, "I want you to get a concealed weapons permit."

"I'm tired of looking at victims saying, 'There's life after this' … I'm tired of saying, 'We're sorry, we can't keep them in jail.'"

Wright said in his view gun control is, "How fast can you can get the barrel of your gun back on the target?" He encouraged women to walk in groups, and he ended by saying again, "I want you to get a concealed weapons permit. Don't get Mace. Get a firearm."

And then he said, "I think I better stop before I get sanctioned."


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