'Apparently This Shirt Is Offensive': S.C. School Responds After Allegedly Telling Student To Remove Pro-Gay Shirt

A South Carolina school district admitted Friday that high school staff made a “hasty, incorrect decision” in telling a student he had to remove a sweatshirt that had the word “gay” printed on it. 

The mother of the boy originally vented her frustrations about the school's decision on her Facebook page, according to WCSC News. The mother, who was not named by WCSC, said in her post that staff at West Ashley High School, in Charleston, asked her son to remove his sweatshirt because it read, “Some people are GAY, get over it.”

“Apparently this shirt is offensive to the administration @ #WestAshleyHS ?” she wrote. “He was told ‘we dont promote that here’. I'm wondering if the shirt said ‘Some people are straight, get over it’ if it would have gotten attention. I think not. He was told not to wear it again. Great lesson you taught my son today.”

WCSC did not name the student and the family did not respond to requests for comment. 

In response to questions from WCSC, the Charleston County School District released a statement Friday, admitting that the decision regarding the shirt was an error. 

“After being made aware of the situation, the principal at West Ashley High School confirmed that a hasty, incorrect decision was made by staff,” the statement read. “The student is free to wear the sweatshirt.”

It’s a seemingly innocuous message to many, but the popular slogan, “Some people are gay, get over it,” often causes a stir when it pops up.

In October 2013, the slogan was at the center of a lawsuit when the gay-rights charity Stonewall launched a campaign in London and paid to have the slogan carried on the sides of city buses owned by Transport for London, The Huffington Post reported at the time.

The Christian Legal Centre and the Core Issues Trust, a so-called gay cure organization, filed the suit after London’s mayor banned similar posters from the buses, paid for by Core Issues, that read “Not Gay! Ex-Gay, Post-Gay and Proud. Get over it!”

Previously, in August 2013, an Anglican priest in Australia drew international attention to his church when he posted the message: “Dear Christians, Some people are gay. Get over it. Love, God,” on the church’s marquee. The message quickly went viral, with one picture of the marquee being shared on Facebook 100,000 times in 24 hours, Salon reported at that time.

Sources: WCSC News,The Huffington Post, Salon

Photo Credit: ebay.com, Facebook via WCSC News


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