Women Charged After Newborn Found In Trash (Photos)

Women Charged After Newborn Found In Trash (Photos) Promo Image

A mother and daughter in North Carolina have been charged with murder after the daughter's newborn baby was found in a garbage bag.

Estela Ruiz-Gomez, 19, was charged July 18 with homicide by child abuse, according to Greenville Online. Her mother, 41-year-old Lorenza Gomez Rodriguez, was charged with aiding and abetting. Both are being held at Greenville County Detention Center without bond.

On July 12, police responded to a call from La Parrilla Mexican Restaurant about a newborn that had suffered cardiac arrest. When officers arrived they were told that Ruiz-Gomez, an employee of the restaurant, had given birth to the baby in the bathroom.

EMTs rushed the baby, who still had a heartbeat, to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead a short while later. Officials said an examination was unable to determine the cause of death, but that dirt and gravel were present on the newborn's body, according to WHNS.

When investigators returned to the restaurant they were given a fuller picture of what took place.

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Ruiz-Gomez's fellow employees explained that she took a break from bussing tables and went to the bathroom after complaining of a stomach ache. Her mother, who also worked at the restaurant, went to check on her, and when she came back out she told her co-workers that Ruiz-Gomez needed to be taken to a hospital.

The two eventually emerged from the bathroom together.

Ruiz-Gomez's baby was found shortly after by a female employee who was taking out the trash. Police said she was dragging a bag of garbage across the parking lot when it tore open and the baby fell out onto the ground.

The baby's father, another employee of the restaurant, was reportedly present when this took place. He lifted the newborn from the ground and brought him back inside before calling for an ambulance.

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Ruiz-Gomez and Rodriguez were arrested after the medical examiner ruled the newborn's death a homicide, explaining that he most likely would have survived if he had not been put in the trash.

Authorities later discovered that Ruiz-Gomez had been ordered to leave the country by Homeland Security in 2016, but neglected to do so. She and her mother's immigration status is now under investigation.

The Associated Press reports that a Kansas man was sentenced July 16 to 15 years in prison for abandoning his infant stepdaughter in a trash compactor. Marquis Young, 28, had pleaded no contest in May to the charges of aggravated battery and child abuse.

Young was originally charged with attempted first-degree murder. The 9-month-old baby suffered skull fractures as a result of the incident but has since recovered.

Sources: Greenville Online, WHNS, Associated Press / Photo Credit: George Hodan/PublicDomainPictures.net, Greenville Police via Daily Mail

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