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South Carolina Parents Charged After Two Naked, Hungry Toddlers Found Wandering Motel, Police Say

Two parents have been charged with child neglect after their two children were found, naked and hungry, wandering around a South Carolina motel in May, authorities said recently. 

The children’s mother, Cheryl Lynn, 24, and their father, Lynn’s boyfriend, 28-year-old Andrew Buff, were charged Wednesday and booked into Spartanburg County Detention Center, according to WYFF News. 

The charges stem from a May 31 incident in which the couple’s daughters — aged just 1 and 2 at the time — were reportedly discovered wandering naked around a Spartanburg County Motel 6. A manager called sheriff’s deputies to the property after an unnamed woman brought the girls to the motel’s office. 

According to an incident report obtained by WHNS News, the woman said she found the girls walking down the stairs. The toddlers told her they were hungry so she brought them to the front office where motel employees put diapers on the girls and gave them some food. 

The woman told the responding deputy she went door to door at the motel, for about 45 minutes, looking for the parents.

When the deputy encountered Lynn and Buff in a room, Lynn was reportedly hiding in the bathroom with her head down. She told the deputy she didn’t want to get in trouble and have her kids taken away, according to the report. 

Buff reportedly told the deputy he had fallen asleep while Lynn was in the shower and suspected one of the girls had pulled a chair to the door, opened the latch, and left the room with her sister. 

The deputy reportedly tested the theory, placing the chair near the door to see if the girl could have manipulated the lock, and reported it would not have been possible. The deputy also noted in his report that there was no evidence that the shower had been recently used, according to WYFF. 

Lynn reportedly told the officer she and her boyfriend were both unemployed and had no money. A friend was helping pay for their room, she said. 

The deputy reported finding only two bottles of water, a jar of peanut butter, and a plate of old food in the room. 

The girls were placed in emergency protective custody. Three days later they were reportedly tested for drug exposure and tested positive for cocaine. The girls were also found to have lice and viral eye infections. 

The parents face two counts each of unlawful neglect of a child. Lynn has been released from jail. Buff remains in custody, held on $10,000 bond, according to WHNS.

Sources: WYFF News, WHNS News

Photo Credit: Police photos via WYFF News


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