S.C. Mom Accused Of Assaulting Daughter Over Her Sexual Activity


A South Carolina mother has been arrested after allegedly striking her teenage daughter during a heated argument over the girl's sexual activity.

Georgia Porter, 53, was upset over sexual activity that allegedly took place between her 16-year-old daughter and a family friend's son, according to investigative reports cited by Fox Carolina. The daughter told investigators that on Dec. 6, her mother hit her hard in the face after the girl tried to walk past her during the argument in the girl's bedroom.

The investigative reports reveal that the teenager made a phone call begging for help, and the adult whose daughter received the call ended up contacting 911.  

According to deputies, Porter had blood on her sleeve and the daughter had it on her mouth.  The teenager has been placed in protective custody, while Porter was charged with cruelty to children.

The facts of this case are still filtering out, but on the surface, it bears some resemblance to a separate incident which occurred in 2014.

In that case, a mother started punching her teenage daughter in the face for having sex in the house, Inquisitr reported at the time.  This incident was caught on video and quickly went viral on YouTube, Vine, Facebook and Twitter.  

In the video, the mother can be seen repeatedly punching her daughter in the face and shouting expletives, while the daughter attempts to say that she did not have sex in the house. While many commentators thought that the mother in that case went too far in publicly embarrassing her child, some supported her form of discipline.

Whether or not the video led to assault charges against the mother is unclear.

Sources: Fox Carolina, Inquisitr / Photo Credit: Spartanburg County Sheriff's Office via Fox Carolina

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