South Carolina Mom Tyshekka Collier Arrested For Slapping The Wrong Child

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After finding out that her son had been suspended, 36-year-old Tyshekka Collier was arrested because she went to his middle school and mistakenly slapped a boy she mistook to be her child. The incident took place at Fairforest Middle School in South Carolina on Wednesday morning.

Principal Ty Dawkins called authorities after Collier walked into the school’s office and struck a boy who was sick and waiting to be picked up. When Collier realized her mistake, she apologized and then walked over to her son and knocked him to the ground, according to The State.

“I believe he was more scared than stunned over anything else,” Dawkins said of the mistaken boy’s reaction. “But still this is the kind of behavior that you don't need to do to anybody, even to your own children.”

Collier was charged with disturbing school and assault and battery. It’s unknown whether or not she has a lawyer.

“In speaking with the parents, and all the interviews that were done, the two charges for the assaults and disturbing school we felt were the most appropriate means to go with,” Dawkins said.

Collier's three children are in protective custody.

Sources: The State, The Daily Mail


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