South Carolina Man Stops Robbery With Fatal Shooting (Video)


A South Carolina man may face a lawsuit for shooting and killing a man that attempted to rob a Waffle House in 2012.

The family of 19-year-old Dante Williams, who was killed while attempting to rob the restaurant, alleges that the man who fired the weapon, customer Justin Harrison, should have been trained better. 

According to WND, the incident occurred in 2012 but has since regained news coverage due to the recently released video of Williams’ attempted armed robbery. 

The video depicts two armed robbers — one of whom investigators have identified as Williams — entering the restaurant and demanding customers to “get down” on the ground. Harrison, who can be seen sitting at the counter eating his meal, later fires multiple shots at Williams and kills him at the scene. 

Williams’ accomplice, Jawan Craig, was sentenced to 30 years in prison after the incident. Harrison was cleared by police investigators and did not face any charges. Harrison was a licensed conceal carry gun owner.

According to Fox Carolina, Harrison claimed that he acted at the only time he saw that it would be possible.

“This was the only time. If I am going to fight it was that one time. He was approaching me and I saw that as him engaging me,” Harrison said. 

Williams’ cousin Tamika McSwain claims that she can see the situation from Harrison’s point of view, but she does not think that the shooting needed to be fatal.

“I understand he felt threatened by the situation. But he said the gun was pointed at him so he fired. In fact he was walking out,” McSwain said. 


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