South Carolina Man Sentenced To 30 Years For Murdering Father Of Two Over A Go-Kart


Keylan Dejuan McClintock, 21, of Spartanburg, South Carolina, was handed a sentence of 30 years in prison without the possibility of parole for the murder of 33-year-old Donald Travis Harper.

McClintock and Harper had a heated argument over a go-kart on Sept. 5, 2014. The altercation ended with Harper with several gunshot wounds. He died in the Spartanburg Medical Center shortly afterward.

McClintock was arrested in connection with the murder on Sept. 8, 2014. Sandino Edward Jackson, 22, was also arrested for assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature, accused of physically beating Harper, WYFF 4 reports.

Nicole Harper, Donald’s widow, told authorities her husband had been beaten by Jackson and then shot to death by McClintock after he had confronted them over a stolen go-kart. The toy vehicle had belonged the Harpers’ 14-month-old daughter, ABC 12 reports.

Master Deputy Mike Clevenger of Greer, South Carolina, told reporters that a firearm was found on the scene of Harper’s murder, according to WYFF 4.

“It’s all I keep thinking about in my head,” Nicole told ABC 12. “I just keep watching it all replay over and over in my head. I see his face that day … my husband getting murdered is just crazy to me because that’s not something I would’ve ever thought would have happened to him. He’s just too nice of a guy.”

Nicole was pregnant with a second child when her husband was murdered, ABC 12 reports.

“Everybody wanted to be with him and his wife,” Donald’s mother, Sue Harper, told ABC 12 shortly after his death. “They thought they were just the funniest couple in the world and they just loved being around them … my son may be gone, but he’s not forgotten. I’m going to live. I’m going to carry on because what can you do?”

McClintock pleaded guilty on Nov. 30, admitting he had killed Harper over something as trivial as a go-kart. He was sentenced to 30 years without parole, WYFF 4 reports.

Jackson is still awaiting trial.

Sources: ABC 12 (2), WYFF 4 (2) / Photo credit: WYFF 4

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