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South Carolina Deputy Used Stun Gun On Unarmed, Wheelchair-Bound Senior (Video)

Deputy Steven Ticknor has been fired from his job in Pickens County, South Carolina, for reportedly using a stun gun on a 65-year-old, wheelchair bound man.

Three deputies and one local police officer went to arrest Travis Mansell, 25, on Feb. 20 for several outstanding bench warrants, noted Fox Carolina.

His girlfriend Lanie Davis reportedly denied that Travis was home, but law enforcement saw him inside, through a window.

"(Mansell) got that schizophrenia and bipolar. And he told them, said, 'Don't come up on me,' said, 'If you do,' said, 'You'll have to kill me to arrest me,'" Mansell's father, Parker Mansell Jr., told WSPA (video below).

Deputies reportedly used a stun gun on Travis, and Ticknor fired his stun gun at Parker to prevent him from interfering.

Parker allegedly moved his motorized wheelchair in between his son and law enforcement.

Parker admitted he cursed at the deputy, but did not threaten him. After being hit with the stun gun, Parker said he fell out of his wheelchair and was cut.

According to The State, Pickens County Sheriff Rick Clark said in a press release:

"The father was confined to a wheelchair and was limited in mobility. Though he was verbally upset, he posed no significant danger to the Deputies as he was unarmed and made no overt threats. The decision to use the Taser on Mr. Mansell, Jr was inappropriate and not necessary to protect any party nor was it necessary to the complete the arrest of Travis.”

Ticknor was fired on Feb. 25.

Parker and Davis are being investigated by the Pickens County Sheriff office for allegedly interfering in the arrest.

Sources: Fox Carolina, WSPA, The State
Image Credit: WSPA Screenshot


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