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South Carolina Cop Punches Man Who Is Face Down On Pavement (Video)

Tyrone Pugh, a police officer in Columbia, South Carolina, was suspended after a video surfaced on the web of him punching a person who was face down on a sidewalk.

According to The State, the video (below) was shot outside the Columbia Soundstage, a concert venue, and shows Pugh kneeling on an unidentified man and striking him at least five times after 2 a.m. on Sunday.

Columbia Police Chief Skip Holbrook said that Pugh has been suspended without pay during internal and South Carolina Law Enforcement Division investigations.

Holbrook added that Pugh and the man are both African American. According to Holbrook, Pugh was part of a crowd control unit when a fight broke out. The video reportedly begins after the officers responded.

"I know there are multiple sides to the story," stated Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin. "[The video] left me gravely concerned as to what the possible circumstances might have been, and I shared that with the chief and he acted accordingly."

"Why are you punching him?" a woman yells at the officer who answers, "Back the [expletive] up," noted WLTX.

Sources: The State, WLTX
Image Credit: Lapsed Pacifist


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