South Carolina Bar Posts Sign Calling Gun Owners 'Loser'


The Backstreets Pub & Deli in Clemson, S.C. recently posted a sign telling gun owners to keep out.

The sign reads, "No Concealed Weapons Allowed" and in smaller print, states, "If you are such a loser that you feel a need to carry a gun when you go out, I do not want your business, douchebag."

Second Amendment supporters have attacked the bar owner on Facebook and on the review site Yelp for exercising his First Amendment rights, notes The Washington Times. reports that one Yelper wrote:

Food sucks, over priced. Owners a blatant liberal idiot that uses the eatablishment as a cover for his meth lab in the back. I hope this business fails and the owner commits suicide.

One commenter wrote on Facebook:

Hey dumb f---, way to advertise to the criminals that they are guaranteed 0 resistance when they come rob your ass! I hope you get robbed you miserable f---!!

The Huffington Post reported in February that South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley signed a law allowing concealed guns in bars, as long as gun owners don't drink while inside.

However, bars and restaurants can still set their own rules in the state.

The owner of the bar, who goes by "Pete," told The Washington Times that he supports of gun rights, but added, "There are cops everywhere. Cameras everywhere. Guns have no place here in a college town. I’m sorry I used that language. It just came out wrong because I was frustrated.”

Pete has thanked the locals who support him, but says he's been endlessly harassed by gun rights advocates around the country.

“If it wasn’t so sad, it’d be funny,” Pete stated.

Sources: The Washington Times,, Yelp, Facebook, The Huffington Post


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