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South Africa Commits to Global Warming Reductions

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By Jake Schmidt

In a little bit of very positive news just before the global warming
negotiations began here in Copenhagen another key developing country
came forward with a clear sign of the steps that they’ll take. South
Africa announced that they would slow the growth of their global
warming pollution by 2020.

Specifically, they proposed that they would cut their emissions by
34% below projected levels in 2020 and by 42% below in 2025. This adds
another country to the growing list of developing countries that have
outlined clear steps to curb their global warming pollution (as you can
see from my post: Developing Country Action to Reduce Global Warming Pollution).

As they said in a statement:

level of effort enables South Africa's emissions to peak between 2020
and 2025, plateau for approximately a decade and decline in absolute
terms thereafter."

Back in July of last year, they announced that they would have their emissions peak and decline (as I discussed here and here)
so this adds more detail to that commitment. They offered this
commitment as a part of a broader international agreement and with
support from developed countries.

This is a very positive step and will give a bit
more of a boost to global warming negotiations occurring in
Copenhagen. And with South African President Zuma announcing that he
will also attend the Summit in Copenhagen another key leader has shown
that he is committed to finding solutions to this important challenge.


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