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Family Of Mississippi Teen Who Was Burned Alive Says She Named Her Killer Before Dying

A Mississippi teenager who was burned alive might have told police who attacked her before succumbing to her injuries.

Jessica Chambers was found on the evening of Dec. 6, 2014, still burning from the accelerant that had been poured all over her body. She was left blind with burns on over 98 percent of her body, and her black car had turned white due to the intensity of the blaze.

Chambers died a few hours later after she was airlifted to a hospital in Memphis, but despite the fact that she was in excruciating pain and her internal organs were shutting down, she managed to whisper a name to first responders, People Magazine reported.

Chambers whispered the name "Eric" or "Derrick," an unnamed source said, according to a story published on Dec. 22.

District Attorney John Champion told People he's aware of the information, but couldn't confirm it. Police said they've been receiving a steady stream of tips in the year since Chambers was killed.

The resulting investigation has been wide-ranging and manpower-intensive, with police examining more than 20,000 phone records and interviewing some 150 people.

On Dec. 15, the FBI announced it had nabbed 17 suspected gang members on charges ranging from drug dealing to weapons possession, according to the Clarion-Ledger. While authorities said those arrests were not directly related to the Chambers investigation, they were the result of information gleaned while detectives were digging for more information about who could have killed Chambers.

Investigators said previously that they'd found a "person of interest" in the case.

Lisa Chambers, Jessica's mother, told People she still texts her deceased daughter's phone to tell her she loves and misses her. The family said the long wait for justice has been excruciating, and Lisa told People that things have been especially hard during the holiday season, with Jessica's absence and the one-year anniversary of her death.

"Do I have theories? Yeah," Lisa told the magazine. "Can I prove any of them? No."

Ben Chambers, Jessica's father, told Fox13 in August that he believes the killer will be brought to justice.

“My thoughts right now are more positive, and I have new hope right now since the investigation,” Chambers said. “I talked to the investigator and he gave me some good information. … They know who done it and they got proof. They just need some more proof.”

Sources: People Magazine (2), Clarion Ledger, Fox13 / Photo source: The Context of Things

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