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Waitress Returns $1,700 To Customer Who Left It Behind

A woman from Portland, Maine, is being praised after returning an envelope containing $1,700 to its rightful owner.

Kaylie Cyr, 24, is a waitress at a Portland-area Buffalo Wild Wings. She was serving one of the restaurant’s regular customers on March 11 when she made the discovery, the Portland Press Herald reported.

Glenn Morse had pulled out an envelope to pay his bill. He ended up leaving the envelope on the table and didn’t realize it was missing until the following morning.

“Anyone passing by could have picked it up,” Morse, who owns Morse Builders, told the Portland Press Herald. He was going to use the $1,700 for payroll and other business expenses, notes The Lebanon Daily Record.

Morse returned to the restaurant to see if anyone might have seen the envelope. He was pleasantly surprised to learn that the money had been turned in to management without a single dollar missing.

A week later, Morse visited the restaurant with his friend, Ronnie Bates, for their weekly wings and drinks. They called over the waitress who served them the week before and asked her if she had turned the money in. Bates said the waitress was reluctant to admit to the good deed at first.

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“She finally admitted she turned in the envelope,” Bates said. “I told her I was really proud of her. That says something nowadays about someone’s character that they would do something like that. That $1,700 probably would have paid a lot of bills for her.”

Cyr said it never crossed her mind to keep the money. She knew it wasn’t a tip because the envelope had someone’s name on it.

“That would be a sweet tip,” Cyr said.

Morse gave Cyr $100 as a way to thank her for turning in the money. Cyr was grateful and said the unexpected reward blew her mind.

“I was very impressed with her honesty,” Morse said. “Not a lot of people would find an envelope of cash and have the grace to turn it in.”

Sources: Portland Press Herald, The Lebanon Daily Record / Photo credit: Nishkian

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