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As Soon As Steve Harvey Sees What Woman Is Wearing, He Storms Off Stage (Video)

As Soon As Steve Harvey Sees What Woman Is Wearing, He Storms Off Stage (Video) Promo Image

Talk show host Steve Harvey was stunned by a 100-year-old audience member, and took a moment to flirt with her and express his disbelief over her age (video below).

The elderly woman decided to go see Harvey’s talk show live for her 100th birthday, and showed up sporting a crown and a sash that proudly declared her milestone. Harvey immediately noticed the woman and was shocked that she was as old as she claimed. So shocked that he walked off stage to compose himself. 

“Girl, you ain’t no 100,” he said. “Sixty-two, you got to be about 62!”

The Virginia woman, Ms. Nelson, engaged in some light flirting with Harvey for a few minutes -- with the host saying that if he reaches her age he plans to be “cussing all the time” because it keeps him young.

“God bless this amazing woman,” one viewer commented on YouTube. "She looks the same age as my grandma who is 75! Thank God this beautiful woman can talk, walk, laugh, smile and in Jesus name live another 100 years. My great grandmother lived until the age of 93 and I thank God for her healthy and wealthy life. Only God knows what this 100-year old woman has been through in her long fruitful life."

“That was so cool to watch,he probably made her day,I just  would like to know what she did for her skin care,she had the most beautiful complexion,I hope I look that good at 100!” another viewer commented on Little Things. 

A 107-year-old woman recently became an international sensation after she had the opportunity to meet President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama at the White House. The interaction went viral for her excited dance routine and cheerful interaction with the commander-in-chief. 

Virginia McLaurin was soon a viral sensation, and in March had the opportunity to play basketball with the Harlem Globetrotters. 

“[I was] really excited about it,” she told KABC at the time. "I didn't think I'd ever get sad to meet them, but I always watch them. And I used to try to do what they do with the ball ... but it didn't work."

Watch the heartwarming exchange between Steve Harvey and the elderly woman below.

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