Explosives Found On School Playground (Photos)

A Washington middle school was placed on temporary lockdown after an employee found two explosive devices on a playground on Aug. 31.

A maintenance worker said he found the two cylindrical items while working at Chief Joseph Middle School, The Associated Press reports.

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After Richland police Capt. Mike Cobb investigated, he informed the school that they were homemade explosive devices, one of which had already been detonated.

"Usually, if you find something like that, [and] if it didn’t go off, it’s because there was an attempt made and it failed, or somebody happened to interrupt what they were doing,” explained Richland police Capt. Mike Cobb, the Tri-City Herald reports.

Officials say phones were "ringing off the hook" with calls from worried parents while the school went into a brief, 10-minute lockdown.

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Some were upset, feeling the school had not provided enough information during the bomb scare itself.

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“We got out as much information as quickly and as accurately as we could,” said Jon Lobdell, the school’s principal. “Trying to send out a half-factual or completely false report based on incomplete information while we’re trying to manage the situation is just not, to me, the best way.”

Luckily, everything turned out well. Using a robot, police removed both the potential threats. There was no property damage and nobody was harmed.

“Their day just went on,” Cobb said.

It is not clear at this point why the devices were there or who placed them on the playground.

Sources: Associated Press via KREM, Tri-City Herald / Photo credit: aarchiba/Wikimedia Commons, NBC via Mad World News, Sarah Gordon/Tri-City Herald

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