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Man Wearing Clown Mask Found Dead In Mexico

In the Mexican city of Monterrey, a man was found dead wearing clown makeup and covered in "torture marks."

The body found in Monterrey had bruises and marks all over the man's face and neck, according to TalkRadio. Early reports say the man may have been strangled to death with a cable.

The victim was found shirtless, with the word "cochi," which means pig, written on his chest, along with what appeared to be a drawing of a hand with its middle finger up.

When the man was found, police and paramedics attempted to revive him, but he was declared dead at the scene.

Residents of the neighborhood say they heard nothing before the body was found, and some believe he was killed elsewhere and then dumped.

It is not clear whether the man was connected to the recent trend of pranks involving people dressed as clowns.

In the U.S., police have made several arrests in recent months connected to clown pranks. People dressed as clowns have been spotted all over the country, scaring people by hiding in the woods, in cars, in the shadows, and in some cases, chasing after people or committing crimes.

The first reports of clowns were from Greenville County, South Carolina, in late August, according to The New York Times.

Sources: TalkRadio, The New York Times / Photo credit: TalkRadio

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