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Elderly Man Caught Having Sex With Male Pit Bull

A Georgia man has been arrested after he was caught having sex with a male pit bull in the rain.

The incident occurred on Sept 13, the Statesboro Herald reported. Police responded to a call at around 4:40 p.m. about a man who "was seen behind a residence and appeared to be involved in a sexual act with a dog," Statesboro Police Deputy Chief Rob Bryan said in a press release.

The suspect was identified as Reinaldo Lazaro Diaz, 68. His nose is severely disfigured due to an unknown condition or injury, the Daily Mail reported.

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Bulloch County Humane Enforcement supervisor Joey Sanders said they did not expect to find Diaz in the act of molesting the dog when they arrived at the scene.

Sanders said they found Diaz “completely naked.” He said they walked behind the residence and found Diaz “straddling the dog, with the dog on its back."

Authorities met with witnesses, who had pictures and videos of Diaz having sex with the pit bull. Officers allowed Diaz to get dressed before taking him into custody.

Diaz was booked into Bulloch County Jail and charged with cruelty to animals, third-offense public indecency, and bestiality. The dog reportedly belonged to a woman who is related to Diaz by marriage. Sanders did not confiscate the dog.

The case is now being investigated by Detective Travis Kreun of the Statesboro Police Criminal Investigations Bureau.

The pit bull’s owner was not aware of the incident. The dog was not injured in the assault.

Sources: Statesboro Herald, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Statesboro Herald

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