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Passerby Shoots And Kills Suspect Attacking Deputy

A Florida man took matters into his own hands when he shot and killed a suspect who was attacking a deputy.

The incident occurred Nov. 14 on the I-75 highway, WZVN reported. Witnesses said a deputy tried to pull a suspect over near the Corkscrew Road exit before the suspect took off.

The deputy gave chase and the driver eventually stepped out of his vehicle on an off-ramp.

"There was a lot of other lives that he was putting at risk, including mine and my daughter's," Nicole Ambrosini, a witness, told WZVN. "I saw a car approaching me from behind at a very fast rate."

Ambrosini said the suspect, who was driving a blue Toyota, "then swerved onto the shoulder on the left side and had to have been [going] around 120 miles per hour."

The suspect then attacked the deputy, according to witnesses. Another man reportedly ran up to the scene with a gun and shouted at the suspect to stop attacking the deputy.

"He just kept beating him and beating him," said Shanta Holditch, another witness. She said the suspect was "throwing him to the ground and punching him in all different directions."

Holditch added that the suspect "refused to get off the officer and the officer kept yelling, 'Shoot him, shoot him, shoot him,' and then he shot him."

"I heard like three shots," another witness, Mr. Smith, said. "He fell down on top of the police officer.

"After a moment, the police officer rolled him back over, got on his mic, then rolled over back on the ground [beside] the guy."

The man who shot the suspect had a Concealed Weapons License, WINK News reported. He allegedly warned the suspect multiple times that he would shoot him if he did not stop beating the deputy.

The deputy was identified as 12-year veteran Dean Bardes. He was treated at a local hospital and has since been released. Medics tried reviving the suspect to no avail, according to reports. 

Sources: WZVN, WINK News / Photo credit: WZVN

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