Mom Files Report After Son Filmed Riding On Top Of SUV

On March 24, an Oklahoma mother filed a police report against her ex-husband after he sent her video of their 7-year-old son riding on the roof of an SUV.

Jami Brewer told News 9 that she was sent a video from her ex-husband; it showed her son sitting on the roof of a slow-moving SUV, which Brewer said her son’s grandfather was driving. Her ex-husband, Danny Brewer reportedly filmed the incident from a vehicle following the SUV.

Jami said the video shows a perfectly clear example of child endangerment.

However, Oklahoma City Police said there is nothing they can do about Jami’s report without proof the video was filmed in Oklahoma City.

“It would have been against the law if my child had died,” Jami told News 9.

Danny said the video was shot earlier in March at an Oklahoma state park, but he did not specify where exactly. He said other families at the park were doing the same thing and that a park ranger even told him “it was okay" to do it.

“It appears to be a very dangerous act,” Oklahoma City Police Spokesman Gary Knight said. “It’s certainly something that if I saw somebody doing that, and I was a patrolman, I would obviously pull them over and check the welfare of the kid, but also the driver.”

Sources: News 9Mad World News / Photo Credit: News 9

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