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Man Arrested After Grandson Tests Positive For Meth

A Texas man was arrested Sept. 24 after it was reportedly discovered that his 1-year-old grandson had ingested meth.

Rudy Monita, 47, was charged with injury to a child, according to San Antonio Express-News.

Monita, who had been watching his grandson, reportedly told authorities the toddler was crying persistently and would not go to sleep. He said he contacted his ex-wife to ask for advice. The boy's mother eventually picked him up and took him to a nearby hospital, where tests revealed the presence of meth in his system.

"It happened at my house," Monita reportedly told police. "It had to happen with me."

Monita allegedly confessed to using meth, but said he keeps it locked up in a drawer in his bedroom. However, the toddler's mother told police that Monita has a bin of glass pipes on the floor, and that she believes her son climbed onto the bin and inadvertently ingested trace amounts of the drug.

Monita's ex-wife explained to investigators that she divorced him because of his drug use.

A similar incident occurred in August in Arizona, where a 1-year-old died after consuming toxic levels of both methadone and methamphetamine, according to KPNX. In this case, however, the mother of the child is accused of deliberately poisoning her daughter with the drugs and now faces first-degree murder charges. 

Sources: San Antonio Express-News, KPNX / Photo credit: San Antonio Express-News

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