Anonymous Man Pays Lunch Tab For 30 National Guardsmen


A group of National Guardsmen had their entire lunch paid for by a generous man in Rockford, Michigan.

The general manager of the Corner Bar restaurant, John Vanaman, says a stranger paid for the bill but left before the guardsmen could thank him.

“He didn’t mention why or anything. He just wanted to cover everything," said Vanaman.

The men and women with the National Guard were training at the nearby Belmont Armory before walking into the restaurant for lunch on March 23, reports ABC News. As the staff tried accommodating the more than 30 National Guard troops and figuring out their discount, a customer asked to speak with the manager.

“The patron said he wanted to cover the entire bill for the troops,” Vanaman said. “We asked him a couple of times to make sure, and he intended to cover more than what it ended up being."

The tab came out to be $179.92 and the man paid around $200 with tip, according to Mad World News.

“It’s always surprising when something nice happens like that,” Vanaman said.

The generous customer requested to remain anonymous and left before the troops could thank him. The troops were all “gracious” and “overwhelmed by the thought of someone doing such a nice act,” Vanaman said.

Lt. Col. William Humes, spokesman for the Michigan National Guard, told ABC News that it’s always very “gratifying” and “humbling” when a stranger pays the tab for men and women in the military.  

“It shows that we’re still appreciated,” he said, adding, he’s “nothing but grateful.”

Vanaman and the staff at Corner Bar were also moved and are organizing a catering event at the armory for all the troops who couldn’t make it to lunch that day -- on the house.

Sources: ABC News, Mad World News / Photo credit: John Vanaman via ABC News

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