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Woman Arrested For Having Sex With Dog

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A Mississippi woman pleaded guilty to accusations of sexual intercourse with her dog.

Kimberly Coggins, 39, was arrested after a photo circulated that prompted an investigation. Coggins later admitted to having sex with more than one animal. She was given a 10-year suspended sentence, five years probation, and was ordered to register as a sex offender.

An investigation was conducted to determine how the photo was released. Sheriff Greg Pollan said that deputies were alerted to the photo after they began to circulate among the local community.

In a similar incident, a Florida woman was arrested for having sex with her two dogs after her boyfriend found videos of the acts and handed them over to police.

The boyfriend of Miranda Johns gave police the videos to prove “that he did not sexually batter Miranda,” a police report obtained by the New York Daily News stated. Johns allegedly sent Kurtz Villavicencio “disturbing photos and videos of her engaging in sexual intercourse with her two dogs.”

The videos showed Johns’ dogs “giving her oral sex while she masturbated,” among other lewd acts. Her arrest came after police contacted Villavicencio about allegations of sexual assault against him.

Johns told police that her boyfriend was “interested in her having sex with animals” and that they discussed the “possibility of her having sex with a bigger dog.”

Johns was charged with engaging in sexual conduct with an animal. 

Another young woman was busted for having sex with her pit bull at her grandmother’s house.

Ashley Miller, an 18-year-old Florida woman, was charged with sexual activities involving animals after she forced her dog to perform oral sex on her. 

Sources: WCBI, New York Daily News (2) / Photo credit: WTVA

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