SonicStar Jet: New York to London in 2 Hours


Are you upset that you missed your chance to fly on the Concorde, to get from New York to London in around four hours? You haven't missed anything because a new supersonic jet is in the works that will cut that travel time down to two measly hours.

A report in theDaily Mailsaid the Hypermach SonicStar will be able to travel at a top speed of a stunning 2,664mph -- twice as fast as Concorde. It will fly at 62,000 feet, twice the altitude of usual commercial flights.

"We have access to revolutionary engine technology and a unique very high speed aircraft design to make this kind of earth-shatteringly fast air travel possible," Hypermach CEO Richard Lugg said at the Paris Air Show.

The best part -- the plane is not some sci-fi dream of the far distant future. Lugg said the company has already secured funding from the British Department of Trade and Industry.

"Our plan is to build and fly the world’s first very high speed supersonic hybrid aircraft by June 2021," Lugg said.

In addition to the two hour New York-London route, a trip from New York to Sydney which takes 20 hours now will be accomplished in just five hours on the SonicStar.


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